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Alexandra Bordallo was born and raised in the city of Vic (near
Barcelona). She currently lives with her husband and their two
little sons. Her love for fabrics and sewing started early. Next to
her grandmother she learned basic sewing. A few years later, she
entered the quilting world by following sewing blogs and tutorial
videos. Her passion for sewing and textile art is the reason why
she started to learn how to draw and design repeating patterns in
June 2014, when her first son was born. Since then, she designed
hundreds of patterns and some of them turned into beautiful
fabric! A dream came true.
In addition to designing fabric prints, Alexandra is also a quilt
pattern designer. You can find Alexandra’s modern
heirloom PDF quilt patterns at her Etsy shop and her
website. Her patterns stand out for being easy to follow,
include color diagrams and step by step sewing
instructions, perfect for beginner quilters too.”
IG @alexandrabordallo

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