Sun Prints Textures by Alison Glass new-nov

We all love a vibrant print in a palette of colors, yet often quilts need something subtlerto let those prints stand out! Or we want to work with a group of fabrics that is closer toa solid, but not quite, focusing almost completely on color. Sun PrintTextures isdesigned to meet these quilting needs! It’s a high-texture basic, following the Sun Printtradition of three designs in nine colors each, offering a paintbox full of color.In Textures, ‘Canvas’—a paintbrush stroke basic with an extra hint ofcolor—providesexceptionally useful dark tones. Slightly more moody, six more colorful hues plus threevery neutral ones are ideal for backgrounds and pairing with my typically vibrant brights.’Pebble’ features a tiny dot, and ‘Entropy’ Is a delightful burst of chaos! Both patternscome in six saturated colors plus three ultra-neutrals. Altogether, this collection isperfectly suited for modern quilt projects, particularly as backgrounds.

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