Pips by Kim Schaefer pb-an

Kim Schaefer, Pips, Makower UK, Concord Fabrics, Andover Fabrics, Lewis & Irene, Lewis and Irene, Dashwood, Anbo, Moda, Craft Cotton Co, EQS, Freespirit, Rielly Blake, Robert Kaufman, Ruby Star Society, Stoff, Timeless Treasures, Windham, Oddies, Nutex, Camelot Fabrics, 100% Cotton, Cotton Quilting Fabric, Fabric, Patchwork Material, Quilt Fabric, Craft Fabric, Textile, Quilts, Sewing, Craft, Patchwork, Ditzy, Spots,Pips by Kim Schafer is the perfect small polka dot blender. From striking black and white to a rainbow of colours. Pips is an excellent choice on it’s own or as a supporting print .

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